In the beginning, my favorite books included a child’s story of Jesus and the Life Nature Library. Of that library, The Universe and The Earth and Mammals were my favorite volumes. Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Einstein were fascinating! Learning the rhythms of the Earth and heavens, the nature of time, space and matter, the electromagnetic spectrum, geology, tectonics and weather were like eating candy to me. Today, Dr. Michio Kaku!

A student of religion, I continue to study the Bible and Christianity, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Gnostic Gospels of the Nag Hammadi Library. While reading the faith-wisdom teachings of the Pistis Sophia, as in other scripture, you “feel” the love. Through the years, my studies include Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, early Islam, plus Sumerian, Egyptian and indigenous traditions. Although there are differences, similarities exist between these traditions.

“It's elementary, my dear Watson!” White light, seen through a triangular prism, disperses in a rainbow spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The electromagnetic spectrum is a wide band of energy wavelengths vibrating at various speeds, including light and sound. Light flows through a vacuum, but sound requires a conduit, conductor and receiver.

My goodness, that reminds me of healing through prayer. There is a source of love and light, a conduit, a receiver, and the ever-present rainbow covenant.

The scientific explanation reminds me, that without a Creator or God Consciousness, prayers are simply words. Make me an instrument of your love. Fascinated by the mysteries of Creation, I delight in scientific discoveries that provide pieces of the puzzle. Examining genealogy and DNA, it is obvious we truly are one interconnected family. Imagine! And The World Will Be As One.