When I Fly So High, Please Follow Me

When I fly so high, please follow me, Raising hopes of humanity. Women and children, gather 'round, As you hear the voice, surround. Your sacred voice, Sophia call, Intention of love, destined for all. Angels of mercy, so Divine, Taking Flight, e'er sublime. High Noon, Noonan, dear heart, Earhart, Cameo grace, poised from the start. Be my Guest, you want to be heard, The quiet voice, confident, assured. Shooting stars pulsate, resonate, Sharing their light, commensurate, Balance your passion, burning fires, Your light, safe harbor, your desires. Remember when it rained, Disappearance n'er explained. Black is the color, he was detained, New horizons, transcending planes. When I Fly SO High, please follow me, Raising the coherence of humanity.

Bonnie Larson’s Tribute to Amelia Earhart Found in Her Book, Flying SO High