Three Bells Chapel Coming Soon

My affection for roadside chapels began as a girl, with a lovely roadside chapel along US Highway 2 near Monroe, Washington. As a business owner and minister, my plans included building a roadside chapel at Troy.

Experiences occur many ways, impressing us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


One day, I began “hearing” an old sixties pop and country song by Jim Ed Brown called The Three Bells. Bom, bom, bom…All The Bells Were Ringing for Little Jimmy Brown…” For three days, the song played on. Surely I could override it. Turning on the television, I heard, “Bom, bom, bom…All the Bells Were Ringing for Little Jimmy Brown.”

What were the chances of that? I said, “Okay, God, I will build your chapel.”

Through the ages, churches play a vital role holding communities together. Bells ring loudly gathering congregants in worship, celebrating baptisms, weddings and the soul’s journey home at funerals.

Two years ago, my uncle, Earl Allen, passed away. Attending his funeral, it dawned upon me Uncle Earl was born June 25th, married June 25th, and passed away June 25th.

All three bells rang for him June 25th.

This week, February 24th, sadly but proudly, I officiate the funeral of his lovely wife, Harriet Wilson Allen, sower of seeds.

The Three Bells Chapel, currently being built, is dedicated to the memory of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Allen, and their lives well lived as a part of the body of Christ.