Come Into The Garden

Come Into The Garden by Bonnie Larson 01092017
Come into the garden,
You are invited, pardon.
A meandering path of gold,
The tree of life standing bold,
Weathering the storm, it may,
Shelter others, bend and sway,
Canopy limbs, shade eternal roots,
From the beginning,baring fruits,
Apple blossom pollen, honey bees,
Hummingbird nectar, ‘neath the tree,
Tubular bells, lady’s slippers,
Seed bearing plants, li’l dippers.
Butterfly wishes, forget-me-nots,
Fruit filled orchards, apricots.
Dragonfly wisdom, lightness, joy,
It’s luminary refraction,
Reflecting light, attraction.
Little white bridge, crosses banks,
Over mystic waters, flanks
Lilies of the valley, baby’s breath,
Stargazer Heavens, His bequest,
The garden chapel, three bells ring,
For life, the bride, then passing sing,
Paradise garden, Heaven ‘n Earth,
Sweet fragrance, His glory, rebirth.
Come into the garden,
Lifting spirits, hearten.